Total Grade Achievment and Passing Marks for VU Students

To pass a particular subject you have to get (Assingments+GDBs+Quizzes)+ Mid Term collectively = 20 % at least (collectively) (Note:- you will not be pass if you get 20% only in midterm....and zero in Assingments +GDBs+Quizzes....Because collective marks are not 20%) + Final Term = 20 % at least = And OVER ALL Percentage Should be at least 40% .To pass a course. To get a Degree you need to earn at least 2.25 CGPA Grades, Grade Points and Grade Point Average (GPA): (i) Grade and Grade Points: Grade of a course is awarded by teacher, recorded as evaluative and their symbols/ letters used are listed below; whereas quality of achievement in a course is measured as Grade Point, that is, points per course hour assigned to a passing grade, indicating numerical value of the subject grade. (ii) Grade Point Average (GPA): It is widely accepted as a measure of academic achievement. GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of letter graded credit hours attempted. Each grade has a point value as follows: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and F=0. W for withdrawal and I for Incomplete may also be used. Maximum grade point average=4.00 Minimum cumulative grade point average for obtaining a degree =2.25 Grade GPA Value Marks Obtained Remarks A 4 80-100 % Excellent B 3-3.99 65-79 % Good C 2-2.99 50-64 % Satisfactory D 1-1.99 40-49 % Pass F 0 Below 40 % Fail (Fractional marks to be rounded to the nearest whole number) GPA of a semester is calculated as: multiply each grade point you receive by the number of credit hours for that course, add up the totals, and then divide by the total number of credit hours taken in that semester. Cumulative Grade Point Average: Cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is the weighted mean value of all grade points earned by enrollment or by examination in courses at VU. (Explanation: GPA and CGPA include the number of credit hours at VU for a letter grade even if a grade of “F” was earned). The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) will be calculated on the basis of the following formula: CGPA = Sum (Credit Hrs for course X Grade Point obtained in the course) / Sum (credit Hrs) With the sum being taken over all courses taken by the student with the specification that repeated courses shall be counted once only. (Explanation: If a student repeats a course, it will only be counted once towards the grade point and that will be calculated in the CGPA). For Assignment Solution, GDB, Online Quizzes, Helping Study material, Past Solved Papers, Current Papers, E-Books & more

Important Notice for VU Students


All students having payable dues in their account books are informed to pay their outstanding dues by latest 10th July, 2012 and upload the scanned copies of paid vouchers to avoid blocking of their LMS activities.
The university reserves the right to block the entrance of such students in the examination center.

Special Announcement for Oversease Students 29-06-12

Overseas Exam Software and related material has been made available for download. Please make sure to install latest exam application available on the link given below. You must follow the sequence of instructions given below for smooth and error free installation:
1.   Visit the link
2.   For downloading, login with your VULMS student ID and password
3.   Download all material one by one
4.   After installation, you must go through the “User Manual” for know how to attempt your paper.
5.   An icon will be visible on your desktop. Please double click the icon to run the demo test. You may test your installation by joining each of the following sessions till 14th July, 2012 during the specified timings)

Session 1:      08:00 AM   to   10:00 AM         Pakistan time
Session 2:      11:00 AM   to   01:00 PM          Pakistan time
Session 3:      02:30 PM   to   04:30 PM           Pakistan time

6.   Please use your student ID as your login and password to try the demo test. For example
Student ID:  mc090XXXXXX      (Yours student ID)
 Password:   mc090XXXXXX      (Yours student ID)

7.   After completing the demo test, you must confirm your installation status by clicking the link “Click here to confirm your installation status” given on

In case of any query/problem, you may give your feedback to  or contact us on the following numbers during VU office hours i.e. 09:00AM-05:00PM
Note: There is no invigilator during the demo sessions, so no need to reply the messages during demo. You have to send us your feedback at
you may also contact overseasexams01 at Skype during 2:30PM to 4:30PM (Monday to Friday) during demo sessions for support

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A Mega File for BSCS,BSIT,BSMC for Preparation Download Free

Assalam O Allekum To All Respected Visitors and Friends!  This is a Special Post for All BSCS students in Virtual University of Pakistan to Download All DATA for preparation of Final Term, Midterm and Basic Concepts. All files are in one file.

  • It is only 20 MB file
  • You Can Download it from A Direct link.. 
  •  First you should download WinRar. Download Winrar here.
  • It Contains PDF files, so you should have A PDF Reader.

Download Mega File BSCS All IN One HERE 
Just Click Blow.

Thanks For Download.

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